What is Gedda Cake?

Gedda Cake is a 2D action-platformer about Dragons and Cakes. Play as 6 unique characters with over-the-top personalities and explore the vast sugar-coated lands of Sugria. Swap freely between them and use their unique abilities to conquer obstacles and battle dangerous foes in this sweet-toothed adventure. Help them reclaim their invaded world and, of course, get The Cake!

Cake supply is GONE!

Vast Sugar-Coated Lands to Dig In

The world of Sugria is full of different places for you to discover. May it be a cave full of syrup, a chocolate covered jungle or an entire ocean made of flan, there will always be something interesting and new to find. There are plenty of secrets, shortcuts and hidden passages that can lead you to previously explored areas. 

This interconnected world favors those who like to explore and will reward them greatly.

Swap Characters to your Delight

Swap between the 6 dragon siblings on the fly whenever you please, no menus, no pause. Each dragon has its own skills, combos and play style that can be combined to move around and defeat enemies. More than one dragon will be required to overcome some of them and bosses will test your knowledge of every single one of the siblings. Swap quickly and swap correctly!

Elemental Combat Full

of Flavor

Each being in this universe is connected to one of the 6 elements, fire, water, earth, ice, light and dark. Knowing their relationships will be crucial for your adventure and combat is directly tied to them. Dealing a blow to a weaker element leads to great results but the other way around may prove useless. Choose the right dragon for each situation and overcome any difficulty.

Anytime is Snack Time with a Day and Night System

Sugria is a living world and during your adventures time will pass, transforming your surroundings. Different times of the day will bring new enemies and change the behavior of others. Previously blocked areas may open and new characters can show up. Be mindful of the time as it waits for no one.

A Mouth-Watering Story

A story-rich experience filled with humor and over-the-top personalities, that will bring light into the question: why is lunch being delayed that much?

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